Police officer said in court: “We will probably overlook issues”

Source: Police officer said in court: “We will probably overlook issues” This is surely not an isolated case as there are many that I know of. The Police is called HOME TEAMS so there can investigate on home matters. So this incidental was in a car and the POLICE in fact are not expert in this area.

The AG already of the lapses in the police, BUT who have done anything about? Can BG Teo comment on this? You are a HOME Minister but you never commented anything that are related about the POLICE Force as Police is now replace by ATOS.012

Another election winds down

The last President’s Election was a sham for it was not the true result. We wanted man of character to be our President, but PAP wants their own President so there can dictate to him what to say and does.

That is what actually happening now. The CPF issue is grave but there is not a word from our PAP President. He is CEO of the Bank that makes Singapore OCBC which is call Wanted to Die but Never Dead, that is the spirit of the Chinese all over the World and it is the Chinese that moves the World in ever corners of the EARTH.

Lee Kuan Yew Watch

It’s presidential election time, and Yawning Bread has an interesting observation: where is Lee Kuan Yew?

Probably furious in the attic

One person we did not hear from at all through this campaign was Lee Kuan Yew. Had he been muzzled? Or was he more furious with his own PAP and its preferred candidate than the other contestants? This was the second election in a row in which the PAP failed to set the agenda, something he would never have let happen if he had been in charge. I can almost hear him say of the party’s current leadership: What a bunch of nincompoops that can’t even keep the initiative

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Ex-Singapore leader denies Islam slur

What LKY thought was right and it is proved in all of Europe where the Rich Oil $ get into the Government’s pockets and it seem the West are at the mercy of the Muslims NOW.

There are allowed to pray in the middle of the roads and the White Policeman stop the traffic for this MUSLIMS to prey. It is their MONEY right no their birth Rights.

When I was in Hong Kong a Muslim family came to my room and told them off that what have happened is not right. He ask me for a solution and my answer is GO Home to pray. What is the different praying at HOME as there have been doing it 34 times each week but on the 35th times, there came out of their house to show the Europeans that Islam is superior and Muslims will be the future KING of EARTH???

Lee Kuan Yew Watch

Lee Kuan Yew in hot water over remarks on Islam again — this time for something he said in 2005.  AFP via The Australian:

SINGAPORE’s outspoken former leader Lee Kuan Yew has denied calling Islam a “venomous religion” after leaked US diplomatic cables set off a furore in the multiracial city-state.

One of hundreds of cables from the US embassy in Singapore released last week by the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks had Lee as describing Islam as a “venomous religion” in a 2005 meeting with then senator Hillary Clinton.

“This is false,” the 87-year-old Lee, Singapore’s founding prime minister and elder statesman, said in a statement.

Lee said that he looked up a foreign ministry note of the meeting, and “nowhere does it record me describing Islam as ‘venomous’, nor did I say anything which could have given that impression”.

“I did talk about extremist terrorists like the (Southeast Asian)…

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My Fellow Singaporeans: What Will You Do?

My Fellow Singaporeans: What Will You Do?. I AM happy with the PAP in past tense and the PAP today is PLEASE ACT for PEACE. What is happening now is just because a sick PM who is power corrupted with his army gangs try to impose FIERCE into Singapore, tell us there are terrorists, mosquitos, Bird Flus , Falling trees and………………..? Thieves are everywhere especially at shopping centres as you will see a Handsome Police Model to tell the Whole World that Thieves are all over the places. Below some of those posters are info on how many arrested for an offence. It is a 3 month records and it is usually  5 are caught in the last 3 months. Even such stupility are displayed.

Further Thoughts after the #ReturnOurCPF Protest

What happened on 27/9/14 is a disgrace to the management of the PARK and do no blame anyone else. The AG are reported that NEA or it brother NP are having the worst lapses that I can see every day.
1st the bicycle case which was highlighted many times. These you do not know: a) The Railway land bought by LHL is now a Lallang City whereas his father created a Garden City for us before LHL became PM. b) The drain in Choa Chu Kang and Suigei Kadut are over growth with grass & plant, so I think these are Mosquito’s Haven. c) The NPC are over grown with lallang, go to Krajin to see all these happening. 4) Roadside grass were cut at least once a month or shorter, now I believe there cut it only when complains goes into NP computers.
These are just few I noticed as I cycles around in CCK and Woodlands area.

The Heart Truths

Hello everyone, I have written to YMCA last night to request for an opportunity to meet with the children with down syndrome and their parents, to meet with them and to find out how they are doing. I hope that we can have a chance to heal the wounds.

I have had a further think through of what has happened over the past few days. It has been hectic, I have learnt much and thought to share my thoughts here.

I started writing on this blog more than 2 years ago, in June 2012. What started me thinking was when Lee Hsien Loong had then compared Singapore with the Nordic countries and claimed that Singapore was doing as well as they did, or better, in terms GDP per capita and economic competitiveness. But I wanted to dig deeper to find out the truth for myself. I was not convinced.

Singapore vs Nordic Countries June 2012


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Is The GIC Jumping Through Too Many Hoops?

Is The GIC Jumping Through Too Many Hoops?. PAP always jumps hoops as when LKY was PM his wife helps him with new laws as they were both Lawyers from England got with 2 scholarships that they earned as good and clever students.

Since Singapore was a young country, it need new laws to controls the bad hats and laws were started like 55 which saw so good that Malaysia followed.

Now it is no the time to argue who jumps, of cause it is the sick son who is 3 stars general and like to rule with iron rules but instead things that have never happened, Enter Singapore without stops and 5 reported. The little India RIOT, the SMRT strike, broken down of the trains which seldom happens in other countries as the TRAIN is the most easy to ran and the cheapest public transport. 3 stars generals are use to ran them and his order was to change the TRACK and it cracked.

Now the order is to change the Sleepers which need not be change in other countries. Since we are RICH to fill the pockets of this 3 stars general, it is ordered to be change NOW. I have told them the only part to be change are the WHEELS all at ONE GO. Did there do It.

Recently, I have been to HK, Taiwan, Malaysia,  and all their trains does not ROCK and continue Singing all the way. That is what our SMRT trains have to entertains us during our journey and sings to us so we will not sleep, eat or drink in the TRAINS?

[Update TEN 22062014] Fund Raising For Roy Ngerng’s Court Case Against Lee Hsien Loong

[Update TEN 22062014] Fund Raising For Roy Ngerng’s Court Case Against Lee Hsien Loong. Yes it is trial against LHL for he have committed many SINS since becoming PM which I believe he is not qualify but just because he is the 1st PM son. In the Army, 3 stars generals gets their stars by playing Computer Games. Do there have real experiences in the field, in the front or even be a volunteer to other countries for the mission to help other countries?

HIs 1st SINS were building the Casinos, Trying to kill mosquitos and cutting down trees when he father planted 1 trees each year, just to name a few. Lately in Parliament he tell another big lies about Killing mosquitos with chemical injections. This story was history and it was reported at least 30 years ago and the World Health stopped it as mosquitos are part and parcel of this EARTH and killing all mosquito, might as well kill the MEN and WOMEN.

[Update EIGHT 06062014] Fund Raising For Roy Ngerng’s Court Case Against Lee Hsien Loong

[Update EIGHT 06062014] Fund Raising For Roy Ngerng’s Court Case Against Lee Hsien Loong. When CPFLife was launched, I AM an early member and my wife followed under my advise and we found out that CPFLIFE  is a CHEAP cheat policy. It is PAP ways of keeping our hard earn money for the rest of our LIFE.

We are allowed to buy Insurance from Insurance Companies of our choice. NOW we have no choice and is this call FREEDOM?

The returns are so low that it was unbelievable. I was able to withdraw my volunteer top up when the CPF official was unable to explain the return.

Revisiting the succession question

Lee Hsien Loong with his relax CANCEL will not last another year and my prediction is he will be out before 2015.

Every ministries are laden with problems which he did not know or pretended no to know. I have FB him with not reply. Why have a FB account and just gets feedback.

I told him you must use your head and ran the country, but you are trying to use ideas of the citizens to RUN? FB is for social and use by man in the streets, no PM telling the people where I held an opening ceremony with you pictures. Only sick and crazy PM does it, and he is very proud of himself.

Did he realize why he have a relapse? In 2011 after the MBS was officially opened on 2/11 and the disasters in Japan on 3/11 he have his relapse. That is paying for the SINS her did by opening the 2 Casinos.

11 people killed themselves at Bedok Reservior, WHY, because all our resereviors are natural or dammed up rivers, whereas Bedok was the only MAN made in Singapoare. Man made problems have to be solve by MAN and he is the one who have to do it by doing somethings about. Does he have a solution? Wanting to rule until 70? Come to wear my ION Negative clothing, his father will live longer is LKY wears it. http://www.idragon111.com

Lee Kuan Yew Watch

A Malaysian newspaper offers analysis that the local papers would not dare to touch.  The Star:

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says he intends to stay in office for 10 more years. If he does, it will result in a record father-and-son tenure as prime minister.

FACED with a host of tough problems that challenges his government’s ability to resolve, the prime minister has made it clear that he intends to stay in office for 10 more years.

The 60-year-old Lee Hsien Loong told an interviewer that he would prefer not to lead beyond then and “definitely not till 80”.

His comments were, however, made in reply to a specific question rather than as a deliberate statement.

“I do not see myself as prime minister in 20 years’ time,” said Lee to the current affair website Singapolitics. “I think if I am, something has gone seriously wrong.”

If he…

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