Hello world!

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3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. landragon123 Post author

    Hello World, PEACE & VICTORY is posted for the benefits A11 Living Things on EARTH as we gets into more problems everyday and to tell the WORLD, the only solution it to go BACK To BASIC.

    How to use our farmland to feed the PEOPLE but not to feed the CARS. Farming should be the backbones of most counties but most Asian countries are using Industralislation to feed their people but there never consider that without food, who will survive. Junks food invented by the Americans? or Health Suppliments of organic food also the brain-child of the American are also to make believe what is not true!!!

    This sign if for you to throws your worries away and start to be positive in your thinking and believe good is on our part and evil should be kill at all cost Either by the authorities or GOD to punish THEM!!!

    In recent days almost everything set records – Haze, Dengue,9/11,3/11,American Killing themselves, Bird Flu, Sars and etc………..just name it you will have it or will come SOON!!!

  2. landragon123 Post author

    The sign is a DOUBLE Peace & Victory which Micheal Jackson tried to help this World but FAILED. Now with the Thumb and 2 fingers in each hands is DOUBLE what Micheal Jackson DID. I am carrying a Temple on my Head as a burden to Help this World in Chaos. The Americans are killing themselves with their own GUNS. The Arabs are killing themselves with MIDDLE EAST Springs, The Japanese are trying to fight China & Korea by try to claims the islands that never belongs to them.

    The Birds Flu is an American ploy to cheap the world to sell their medical products, The Formulas Milks are out to CHEAP the Chinese and other to believe that drinking those MILK will made you kids CLEVER. The Americans tells you that running and jogging make you healthy and live longer are all BULL SHITS, there made you run with American Brand Shoes so that their business man become rich but those runner never gets healthier!!!

    There manufactures Almost all the cigarettes in the World and although EVERYONE including the Governments knows that it is bad for the health but no ONE dares to BAN it???. Most countries is because of taxes monies and other because of Treaties. I told Singapore to ban it but there say NO WAY. Why can Singapore BAN Chewing Gum. Cigarettes can be ban over a given time like 5 to 15 years and I heard the New Zealand will be doing just that.


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