Holiday in HANOI

This wood Horse year will be the start of my new life at 70. We went for a Lunar New Year holiday in Hanoi with a new Vietnamese girlfriend I met 2 weeks earlier at my shop in Singapore, People’s Park Centre #03-47 which is a new shop selling Negative Ion Clothing from 1/11/2013.

At our opening on 1/11/2013, we made a pledge that future earning will be share with Charities especially NKF and we donated $1,111.10 on our opening day.

In Hanoi we meet the mother of my girlfriend and looking forward to marrying her or if there is objection, I will propose to another Vietnamese girl who is their friends. 

In the  studies into my future, I know that I need a new wife to help me forward into my new business venture which will be many and therefore needs a young wife to help me.

If all goes well LAND DRAGON PTE LTD will be a company to help the future of the people who wants live to be Healthy and Happy.

Most of our services we are doing or going to do is for Health, like our Negatives ION clothing which we registered as IONegative as our Brand for the world markets. These clothing are use in Europe as Winter wear for more than 50 years, In japan and other Asian countries it is selling as Health Clothing for the last 25 years and we added a new idea and selling it as Travel Clothing. As it is light and easy to dry, the needs for heavy warm clothing will be the thing of the past. On top of that, after your winter holidays, continue wearing this Negative ION clothing which help in your blood flow, It will help you to be more Healthy and Healthy man are Happy Man.

Helping people in other field, we are a property agent, Employment agency and Travel Agency. We are patenting a Tele clothing pole to help household to be able to drys their RASHA (1) 021

clothing 7/25 without the needs of DRYERS.

It is a safety tele pole to help the household and save electricity and as sun dries clothing are more healthy, it will made user more Healthy and becomes more HAPPY.





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