Is The GIC Jumping Through Too Many Hoops?

Is The GIC Jumping Through Too Many Hoops?. PAP always jumps hoops as when LKY was PM his wife helps him with new laws as they were both Lawyers from England got with 2 scholarships that they earned as good and clever students.

Since Singapore was a young country, it need new laws to controls the bad hats and laws were started like 55 which saw so good that Malaysia followed.

Now it is no the time to argue who jumps, of cause it is the sick son who is 3 stars general and like to rule with iron rules but instead things that have never happened, Enter Singapore without stops and 5 reported. The little India RIOT, the SMRT strike, broken down of the trains which seldom happens in other countries as the TRAIN is the most easy to ran and the cheapest public transport. 3 stars generals are use to ran them and his order was to change the TRACK and it cracked.

Now the order is to change the Sleepers which need not be change in other countries. Since we are RICH to fill the pockets of this 3 stars general, it is ordered to be change NOW. I have told them the only part to be change are the WHEELS all at ONE GO. Did there do It.

Recently, I have been to HK, Taiwan, Malaysia,  and all their trains does not ROCK and continue Singing all the way. That is what our SMRT trains have to entertains us during our journey and sings to us so we will not sleep, eat or drink in the TRAINS?


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