Another election winds down

The last President’s Election was a sham for it was not the true result. We wanted man of character to be our President, but PAP wants their own President so there can dictate to him what to say and does.

That is what actually happening now. The CPF issue is grave but there is not a word from our PAP President. He is CEO of the Bank that makes Singapore OCBC which is call Wanted to Die but Never Dead, that is the spirit of the Chinese all over the World and it is the Chinese that moves the World in ever corners of the EARTH.

Lee Kuan Yew Watch

It’s presidential election time, and Yawning Bread has an interesting observation: where is Lee Kuan Yew?

Probably furious in the attic

One person we did not hear from at all through this campaign was Lee Kuan Yew. Had he been muzzled? Or was he more furious with his own PAP and its preferred candidate than the other contestants? This was the second election in a row in which the PAP failed to set the agenda, something he would never have let happen if he had been in charge. I can almost hear him say of the party’s current leadership: What a bunch of nincompoops that can’t even keep the initiative

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