Ex-Singapore leader denies Islam slur

What LKY thought was right and it is proved in all of Europe where the Rich Oil $ get into the Government’s pockets and it seem the West are at the mercy of the Muslims NOW.

There are allowed to pray in the middle of the roads and the White Policeman stop the traffic for this MUSLIMS to prey. It is their MONEY right no their birth Rights.

When I was in Hong Kong a Muslim family came to my room and told them off that what have happened is not right. He ask me for a solution and my answer is GO Home to pray. What is the different praying at HOME as there have been doing it 34 times each week but on the 35th times, there came out of their house to show the Europeans that Islam is superior and Muslims will be the future KING of EARTH???

Lee Kuan Yew Watch

Lee Kuan Yew in hot water over remarks on Islam again — this time for something he said in 2005.  AFP via The Australian:

SINGAPORE’s outspoken former leader Lee Kuan Yew has denied calling Islam a “venomous religion” after leaked US diplomatic cables set off a furore in the multiracial city-state.

One of hundreds of cables from the US embassy in Singapore released last week by the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks had Lee as describing Islam as a “venomous religion” in a 2005 meeting with then senator Hillary Clinton.

“This is false,” the 87-year-old Lee, Singapore’s founding prime minister and elder statesman, said in a statement.

Lee said that he looked up a foreign ministry note of the meeting, and “nowhere does it record me describing Islam as ‘venomous’, nor did I say anything which could have given that impression”.

“I did talk about extremist terrorists like the (Southeast Asian)…

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