Bio: Sole Director of LAND DRAGON PTE LTD. Owns Brand Name IONegtive (for Negative ION Clothing) Businesses in Property Agency, Employment Agency, Travel and Numerology to read your Future.

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  1. landragon123 Post author

    At 69 coming to 70 on 30/06 my dreams for success will be lay down in solid terms but not like our Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew, whose policies are set in stone. That is why we now have many problems namely 1) short of babies which we require for the falling birthrate. 2) Sending innocent men to jail because we cannot have sex with the under 18 prositute. 3) when the present PM made a fool of himself, no one dare to tell him so as many thinks that since LKY around, no one can opposed even he is very sick with CANCEL. A cancer man can live but not a cancel sufferer as he is already being cancelled by the SKY.

    Crimes are handle by the laws of our country by SINS, no one can judge except the SKY and these were what happened.

    2 floods in Orchard and water is money and since LHL needs money, these 2 flood is enough for 3 years. But after we spent the monies to fight Birds Flu, Dengue, Strike, Riot just to name a few, the money is gone and to get money to spend, the CPFLife was introduce to keep all our money in his right pocket forever.

    He wanted to give us money for 65 uncles as we are older and smarter than him, give us to medisave which we usually cannot use but except maybe to buy a gold coffin when we die and that is the only benefit for getting money into the CPF’s Medisave to SAVE the Government from too many foreign debts.


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